Scorpions in Love

dos belle chase hotel a que me enche (totalmente) as medidas e me lembra o meu anjo (provavelmente) mau

Baby I’m sorry, I’ve got to go.
Maybe i’ll write you: I probably won’t.
You brought such misery into my life!
Yoy’re lucky
I don’t carry a knife.
Baby I love you but i’ve got to go.
Maybe I’ll miss you: I don’t think so!
Maybe I’m lucky to be alive.
Oh, what a stupid thing to remind!
You put poison in my soup, you put devils in my dreams, hid your snakes in all my sockets, raised your spiders in my pockets, and you brought home for my birthday a venereal disease... give me love, give me love, oh please?!
You said: “Baby let’s get married!”.
You said: “Baby let’s get lost!”.
I said: “Honey! I don’t mean maybe!”.
You said: “Maybe, maybe, maybe. Perhaps! I don’t know... can it be? Is it so?”.
Well, nevermind, I’ve got to go.
If you think of what I’m thinking and I think you’re thinking of what did happen to our precious dreams...
well, the dreams were not enough!
Looking back now that I’m sober, this conclusion’s not absurd: baby, we were scorpions in love!

escrito por JP Simões, música de Pedro Renato

6 comentários:

loirices disse...

hummmm, que fama :-) ninguém os compreende.

francis disse...

resumindo, o gajo quer casar contigo e tu não queres, é isso ?

meh disse...

oh francis, monta uma banca, bota lah uma bola de vidro, que tu levas jeito...sempre a surpreender-me!

freakand disse...

During courtship the scorpions grasp the pedipalps (pincers) and preferm a dance called the "promenade à deux".

francis disse...

meh babe, é não é ?
...conta-me tudo pá.

Noir disse...

Essa musica é absoulutamente divinal e também me foi util para descrever uma relação. Ouço-a mais vezes que as que seriam normais. Aliás, adoro Belle chase hotel.